We just made version 1.00.06 available to all registered users. We didn’t add any new pragma in this version, yet it includes some important improvements:

First, VB Migration Partner now connects to our Web site and informs you whether a new version is available. To reduce overhead, this check is performed only at the first launch in the day. No more fear to be using an outdated version…

Next, we made the deployment of migrated VB.NET apps much simpler than before, in that you don’t need to distribute the following DLLs even if the project uses the corresponding ActiveX control or technology: InetCtlsObjects.dll, MSCommLib.dll, MSMAPI.dll, MSScriptControl.dll, MSWinsockLib.dll, RDO.dll, MCI.dll, MSACAL.dll, MSChart20Lib.dll, MSDataGridLib.dll, MSHierarchicalFlexGridLib.dll, AxVBLibraryOCX.dll.

Finally, VB Migration Partner now supports DAO 3.6 (previous versions used version 3.51). This change might cause a compilation error if your VB6 code uses the RepairDatabase method. You can work around this issue by using the CompactDatabase method instead, as explained in this KB article.

We also fixed one dozen bugs. As usual, all the details are available in the Version History.txt file.