Transoft is a UK company that has a long tradition in software modernization. They offer both tools and services to migrate and modernize legacy apps written in Visual Basic, OpenVMS, IBM AS400, HP e3000, ICL VME, and others. They offer their products and services to both Europe and US and have an impressive list of achievements and customers of the caliber of DaimlerChrysler, DowChemical, and L'Oreal. 

Transoft is part of IRIS, a leading software company with over 1,000 employees worldwide. IRIS is the largest UK privately owned specialist software business with an exceptional reputation for delivering market leading solutions to more than 60,000 organizations, ranging from the micro to the multinational business and including major charities and membership organizations.

For all these reasons that we are VERY proud that, when looking for a software capable to automate most phases of the migration from VB6 and reduce migration time and cost, Transoft choosed Code Architects' VB Migration Partner over other similar and less powerful tools available on the market. 

If you are a US or UK company looking for a fast, cost-effective way to migrate and modernize your VB6 code, or just need support for your work with VB Migration Partner, you can contact Transoft or another of our partners that operate in your area.