Migration from VB6 is a serious matter and choosing the wrong approach might cost you a lot of time and money, or even putting at stake the entire migration project.

For this reason we always recommend all our prospect customers to test all the available solutions and tools before making their final choise. This is the experience of Solent, France:

Facing a problem of Microsoft VB6 obsolescence, we spent weeks defining the best way to migrate our customer’s specific enterprise application from VB6 to VB.NET. We tried different COTS migration tools but the results were not the expected ones: too many things to complete manually after the conversion. The idea to develop a proprietary migration tool was in our mind when we finally found VB Migration Partner. It was the solution we needed.

Indeed, with VB Migration Partner, we ended having to manually deal with only about 100 compilation problems compared to more than 10k given by other tools. Its iterative process with replayable corrections (thanks to "pragmas") was a very useful functionality in order to reach a complete validation of the 150K lines of code application we had to migrate. During this process, we found and fixed a large number of execution problems in our application due to migration. A reactive technical support and the clear "knowledge base" on the website helped us to identify problem causes and to correct them. In only 2 months, we delivered a fully-tested and renewed .NET application to our customer.

Damien SEURU
Project Manager, SOLENT

Completing the migration of 150K LOCs in a couple months is surely a great example of the high productivity you can reach with VB Migration Partner. Likewise, having to solve just 100 compilation errors instead of 10,000 gives a very clear idea of how far ahead we are if compared to our competitors!

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