Transoft is a large, UK-based system integrator with branches in the US. Last year Transoft became Code Architects' partner for migration services. Last week I asked Transoft's Fiona Oliver why they opted for using VB Migration Partner rather than other migration tools. Here's her answer:

I used VB Migration Partner to convert a small program (11K executable lines) that enables connections to multiple ODBC data sources in separate windows, allows entry and execution of SQL statements, and displays the results. It also allows for metadata export and import to local files. It compiled with no errors and ran with a single pragma to insert a single line of code. In comparison the Visual Studio Upgrade Wizard produced code with over 102 compilation errors. I was very impressed!

This comment makes it evident the huge gap between VB Migration Partner and other "traditional" converters such as Upgrade Wizard and other VB6 converters that are based on the same translation engine.

If you are curious of how VB Migration Partner can help you in your migration efforts, you just need to download our VB6 Bulk Analyzer, run it against your VB6 project, and send us the report.