Xcel Energy recently used VB Migration Partner to migrate a VB6 application consisting of multiple projects for a total of 120,000 lines of code (LOCs). The migration project was a complex one, because of many constraints and requirements, such as the adoption of Rockford Lotcha's CSLA.NET framework, but our conversion software proved to be up to its reputation. In the words of our customer:

VB Migration Partner was able to correctly parse and convert all of the Forms and ActiveX controls to VB.NET. After analyzing the output and reviewing their on-line knowledge base (which is quite extensive), two pragmas were inserted to reduce the number of conversion errors to a handful in most of the programs. All of the forms could be edited without any further intervention. Grid controls that could not be converted were initially left as red rectangles. Within 2-days, all of the source code was cleaned up with no compiler errors.  This meant that the existing presentation layer could be converted from VS6 to VS2008 – so the VB Migration Partner option works very well as part of an overall approach.

120,000 LOCs were translated to the zero-compilation-error stage in 2 days! This is pure productivity!

You can read the entire Xcel Energy case study here