On Tuesday, June 19 at 10.00 am Pacific Time I will give an MSDN Webcast entitled Proven Methodologies and Tools for Migrations from Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic .NET or Visual C#

In spite of the long and complex title, it's a Level 200 webcast, so it is suitable even for those who never had to migrate their VB6 code to .NET (lucky guys! Laughing).

In 60 minutes I will show some useful insights in how to migrate VB6 to either VB.NET and C# with the best results and will descrive our convert-test-fix methodology, which is enabling many developers all over the world to convert their evolving VB6 codebase and still be able to generate a VB.NET or C# code that is synched with the most recent version of the VB6 code. (By comparison, our competitors force you to freeze the development on the VB6 side during the weeks or months while the migration takes place.) I will also show the ADOLibrary in action and how you can solve most of your ADODB-to.ADO-NET headaches with it.

You can attend the event and ask your question by visiting this page. See you online.