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Each VB6 application is different and creates unique challenges in the migration to .NET.
The many differences between COM and .NET can negatively affect the duration and cost of a migration project, regardless of whether you migrate manually or using a conversion software. Project groups, database access, files, code stats, typeLib references, controls and components, DLLs, declares of Win32 API’s, object finalization: these and many other factors must be carefully weighted when setting up a migration plan.

VB Migration Partner has been released in May 2008. Since then our customers have successfully migrated millions and millions lines of code and our teams at Code Architects have sharpened their expertise and have learned how to correctly convert even the most intricate VB6 applications.

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To learn more about your VB6 applications, run VB6 Analyzer on your source code and send us the generated text file. You will receive a detailed report, prepared by a team of VB6 and .NET skilled developers led by VB guru Francesco Balena, about your VB6 applications and how VB Migration Partner can help you to quickly and effectively migrate it to .NET.

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