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In addition to producing VB Migration Partner, the best solution for converting VB6 projects to .NET, Code Architects offers first-class turn-key services that can help you to successfully convert your VB6 legacy apps to .NET in less time and without hassle.

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Why choosing Code Architects VB6 Migration Services?

  • Based on VB Migration Partner, the only conversion software that supports all the major VB6 features
  • Millions of lines of code successfully converted to .NET in over 15 countries all over the world
  • A team of VB6 and .NET skilled developers, led by VB guru Francesco Balena  
  • Full functional equivalence – we can deliver a .NET app that looks and behaves exactly like the original VB6 code, therefore no need to train users to the new environment
  • No down time – our convert-test-fix methodology allows you to evolve your VB6 code base while we migrate it to .NET
  • Backward compatibility – we can convert the application one piece at a time or in just one shot, in all cases keeping it 100% compatible with the VB6 code (databases, user settings, data files, etc.)
  • You must meet a deadline that cannot be postponed
  • You don’t have enough in-house developers to face the migration to .NET, or your developers are assigned to other tasks, or they aren’t familiar with .NET programming subtleties
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We aren’t the only company that offers VB6 migration services, so why should you choose Code Architects?

  • As a Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP), we can provide valuable recommendation on how to evolve your application and integrate it with other Microsoft or third party’s software products
  • … and, of course, our VB Migration Partner and the exclusive documentation related to the migration of the VB6 language and controls available on this site is the most obvious evidence that we know more about VB6 conversion than any of our competitors.

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The time required to migrate to .NET depends on some aspects of the original VB6 application, like:

  • Number of lines of code
  • Third party ActiveX Controls
  • Percentage of Business Logic vs User Interface
  • Data access techniques (DAO, ADO, RDO)
  • How well the source code is structured and documented
  • Calls to Windows DLLs, integration with other applications (e.g. Microsoft Office)

If you are interested in a ballpark estimate (as a price range) for free, run VB6 Analyzer on your source code and send us the generated text file. If you need a more accurate offer, we need to analyze your source code and have more detailed discussion on your application. (Of course we sign an NDA contract before looking at your code.)

Migration target

You can choose different levels of migration targets and we are very flexible in what we can deliver

  • Full functional equivalence, residual COM dependencies
    The application is migrated to .NET but it still depends on COM to an extent, for example it still uses ActiveX controls and database access technologies such as DAO or ADODB.
  • Full functional equivalence, native .NET components
    The application is migrated to .NET, uses native .NET controls for the user interface and ADO.NET as its primary database access technology

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Read Microsoft Corp’s official case study of a VB6 conversion using VB Migration Partner.

Code Architects and its partners offers remote and onsite migration services.

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To learn more about your VB6 applications, run VB6 Analyzer on your source code and send us the generated text file. You will receive a detailed report about your VB6 applications and how VB Migration Partner can help you to quickly and effectively migrate it to .NET.

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