In this page we are gathering a few training videos that show VB Migration Partner in action and illustrates its main features. All the videos are both in English and in Italian. (Hopefully we’ll be able to offer other languages in the future.) Have a seat and watch!

NOTE: if you have problems in watching these videos, we suggest that you right-click on the link and select the Copy Shortcut command in Internet Explorer (or Copy Link Location in FireFox), then run Windows Media Player, use the Open URL command in the File menu, and paste the URL into the dialog box that appears. Alternatively, you can opt to save the video on your hard disk and watch it offline, by right-clicking on the link and then selecting the Save Target command in Internet Explorer (or Save Link As in FireFox).

VB Migration Partner – Overview

In this 30 minute video, Francesco Balena introduces VB Migration Partner and shows how it can convert advanced VB6 features, such as graphic methods, arrays with any lower index, data binding, drag-and-drop, complex Windows API calls, and more.
English Italian

The Convert-Test-Fix cycle

A migration process consists of two intermediate stages. First, you have to reach the zero-compilation errors stage, then you can run the application inside Visual Studio and reach the zero-runtime error stage. Watch this video to learn what the Convert-Test-Fix cycle is and learn how you can use pragmas to reach these intermediate goals.
English Italian