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Only VB Migration Partner supports graphic methods, drag-and-drop, DDE, gosubs, and a lot more.

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Our convert-test-fix methodology lets you keep VB6 and .NET projects in-sync.

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Why we are the best choice

Francesco Balena – Code Architects’ founder and lead author of VB Migration Partner – has written seven Microsoft Press books about VB and .NET programming, including four editions of the Programming Visual Basic series. These books have been translated to many different languages, including Japanese, Korean, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Italian, Spanish, Russian.








Our customers say about us…

Dr. Otto J. Wiegele

CEO, SIS Datenverarbeitung GmbH - Austria
An initial migration compared migration tools from six vendors. It showed superior results for VB Migration Partner from Code Architects, which delivered fewer compilation and runtime errors than all its competitors. [...] Code Architects’ tech support has always been very responsive.

William Hullsiek

University of St. Thomas, MCPD/MCITP-BI
After analyzing the output and reviewing their on-line knowledge base (which is quite extensive), two pragmas were inserted to reduce the number of conversion errors to a handful in most of the programs. [...] Within 2-days, all of the source code was cleaned up with no compiler errors. [...] Give my experiences, I would recommend that companies take a serious look at VB Migration Partner.

Ivo Huizinga

IT Manager, SnelStart - The Netherlands
[…] After analyzing four different tools, we chose VB Migration Partner for the migration of our accounting and billing software (450K lines of code). VB Migration Partner solves problems using “pragmas”, therefore we don’t have to freeze our code and interrupt the new development in our software. […] The final reason for us to choose VB Migration Partner is the (online) service and documentation.

Damien Seuru

Project Manager, Solent - France
We tried different migration tools but the results were not the expected ones: too many things to complete manually after the conversion. The idea to develop a proprietary migration tool was in our mind when we finally found VB Migration Partner. It was the solution we needed. [...] we ended having to manually deal with only about 100 compilation problems compared to more than 10k given by other tools. [...] In only 2 months, we delivered a fully-tested and renewed .NET application to our customer.

Martin Gerhold

Dietrich’s AG - Germany
VB Migration Partner is the only tool which enables us to enhance the application during the migration process. It was soon clear to us that the library approach is the way to go. VB6 and VB.NET are too different. [...] VB Migration Partner is a software which gives you the feeling the developers work with it themselves. They know the problems in migration processes and they offer solutions that work.

Jim Kargman

President National Systems Corporation
Thank you – your product worked better than we had hoped. It took less than two hours to configure your product and convert our application. Now all we have to do is make some minor font and display adjustments. Functionally our app works as it did before conversion. Our original “level of effort required” estimates for a senior developer was 4 to 6 months. We now think we will complete the entire conversion in less than one month. The ROI is on the order of 10 to 1 or more.

Geoff Adams

Linos Photonics
Visual Basic Migration Partner from Code Architects is the product that Microsoft should have supplied instead of that dreadful Upgrade Wizard! It is fast, efficient and informative. However I'm going to say more about Code Architects technical support. In my experience this is second to none and is THE model of good support that others should aspire to.

Brian Olson

Actuarial Systems Corporation, USA
[Visual Studio's] migration tool ran for 5 hours and gave 1947 errors to fix; and that was just on our main application program. Using VB Migration Partner, we converted that same code to .Net in 9 minutes and had 3 compilation errors to fix, all having to do with a third-party OCX. After commenting out those lines, the application started up and ran just fine, displaying dialogs that invoke our VB6 COM servers to perform calculations and print reports. Amazing!

Giampaolo Lionello

Software Development Manager, Prometeo - Italy
Few people in this industry believed that such a product could be implemented and could have been so effective, including Microsoft who never really invested in a migration tool. [...] Code Architects managed to create such a tool, thanks to their determination, perseverance, and deep knowledge of both migration techniques and VB6/VB.NET inner workings. From now on, VB6 applications *can* be migrated, at last!

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