In addition to producing VB Migration Partner, the best solution for converting VB6 projects to .NET, Code Architects offers first-class turn-key services that can help you to successfully convert your VB6 legacy apps to .NET in less time and without hassle.

Code Architects VB6 Migration Services highlights

  • Based on VB Migration Partner, the only conversion software that supports all the major VB6 features
  • Millions of lines of code successfully converted to .NET in over 15 countries all over the world
  • A team of VB6 and .NET skilled developers, led by VB guru Francesco Balena 
  • Full functional equivalence – we can deliver a .NET app that looks and behaves exactly like the original VB6 code, therefore no need to train users to the new environment
  • No down time – our convert-test-fix methodology allows you to evolve your VB6 code base while we migrate it to .NET
  • Backward compatibility – we can convert the application one piece at a time or in just one shot, in all cases keeping it 100% compatible with the VB6 code (databases, user settings, data files, etc.)
  • You must meet a deadline that cannot be postponed AND you don’t have enough in-house developers to face the migration to .NET, or your developers are assigned to other tasks, or they aren’t familiar with .NET programming subtleties

If you are interested in a ballpark estimate of our migration services, run VB6 Analyzer on your source code and send us the generated text file. If you need a more accurate offer, we need to analyse your source code and have more detailed discussion on your application. We can sign an NDA contract before looking at your code.

Choose the best option for you

When selecting Code Architects’ you can choose among three options, in increasing order of completeness (and price)

In the License Only scenario you purchase VB Migration Partner’s license and perform the migration yourself, asking for our efficient tech support when necessary (or searching our online documentation for most common migration issues). This is clearly the least expensive option.

In the Zero-Compilation-Error (ZCE) migration scenario, you give us the VB6 source code and receive the VB.NET or C# source code, ready to compile and run. We take care of removing not only compilation errors but also all migration warnings and issues that VB Migration Partner emits when the generated code might not be functionally equivalent to the original VB6 code. This scenario is more expensive than the “License Only” option, but saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to learn to use our software and can focus on ensuring that your converted application works as the original VB6 project, while we continue to assist you until the migration is completed.

In the full migration scenario, you give us the source code of the VB6 application, its database, ancillary files, etc. In return, you will receive a working VB.NET or C# application. In other words, it is ready for production. This option clearly requires more effort from Code Architect and is the most expensive of the three. Also, consider that you need to provide us a full set of test scripts, that we use during the migration process to ensure fully functional equivalence with the original VB6 application.

Here are a few guidelines for choosing the best option:

  • If overall cost is a major concern, the License Only scenario is clearly the most appropriate scenario; our VB Migration Partner software has been used by companies all over the world to convert VB6 projects of any size, up to million lines of code, with the only support of our tech support. However, you might also ask for a quote for ZCE migration, because the difference might be less than you expect.
  • If scarcity of (human) resources is an issue, you should consider the full migration option. In this scenario, you only need to prepare a set of test scripts for us to become familiar with your VB6 application. There is no limit to the number of tests you can prepare, the more scripts the better. The migration is considered as completed when all the tests you provided pass.
  • If time-to-market is a priority, then the ZCE option might be the best solution, because it saves us to learn how to use your VB6 application and it saves you the need to learn how to use our software and all the time needed to prepare the many test scripts that we would need in the full migration scenario.
  • If you are interested in getting the best cost/benefit ratio, then the License Only and ZCE options should be the preferred ones.

We are willing to explore these scenarios with you. Contact us to schedule a call and discuss you specific needs.

How price is determined

The time required to migrate to .NET depends on several aspects of the original VB6 application, like:

  • number of lines of code
  • third-party ActiveX Controls
  • percentage of Business Logic vs User Interface
  • data access code (DAO, ADO, RDO)
  • how well the source code is structured and documented

The final cost also depends to what the target .NET application look like:

  • NET vs C#: in general, converting to VB.NET is less expensive than converting to C#, because the latter language may require manual refactoring of some VB6 features, for example On Error statements, Variant variables and late-binding calls.
  • Residual COM dependencies vs native-only .NET libraries: a few COM type libraries and ActiveX controls don’t have a .NET counterpart; if it is OK that your .NET application still depends on some COM libraries (e.g. DAO or ADODB), then the migration process is much

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