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Migrating a large and complex business application to .NET isn’t a point-and-click affair. For sure, you need a sophisticated code migration software – such as our VB Migration Partner, by far the most powerful VB6 migration tool available on the market – but you might also need a good level of familiarity with common (and not-so common) migration issues and how to work around them.

Code Architects offers both standard tech support via email to registered users and custom migration services (remotely and on site), but you might also want to take advantage of our network of partners, who have proven experience with large migration projects and in-depth familiarity with VB Migration Partner and its pragmas.



Since its inception, Infortech has been serving its client with distinguished IT solution to support their business over 30 years.

We have started our off-shore services as early as 1980 in Malaysia and followed by China, India. As an early bird in the globalization of IT services, we have established successful cooperation among group companies to enhance our clients operation across the region.

We have acquired advertising agent in anticipation of emerging mix of web contents and business promotion.

We offer customer satisfaction by deploying latest technology and cost effective off-shore development services.


SIS   Germany   Austria

SIS Group is a leading IT and business services company, providing information technology products and services. Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Vienna, we implement comprehensive business solutions for companies and organizations in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and EEC. Products and services include Accounting Software, ERP Integration, Management Consulting, Application and Software Development and Software Migration.

We apply deep industry knowledge, technical excellence and expertise to enable our customers in the manufacturing and financial services industries to achieve superior results from their IT operations. While we have a considerable presence in the small to mid-tier marketplace, we also service customers on a worldwide basis.

Datamatics Global Services

Datamatics Global Services   India   United States

Datamatics Global Services Limited delivers next-generation solutions that address the customers' business challenges. With customers increasingly demanding smart solutions to improve operational efficiency, faster time-to-market, higher employee productivity and maximized customer satisfaction, Datamatics Global Services has focused on developing smart and next-generation solutions to meet these market needs. Recognized as a major migration and reengineering services provider globally, Datamatics has over 10,000 man-years of software migration experience. Datamatics' migration and modernization methodology is exhaustive and provides checkpoints, processes and guidelines to mitigate risks. In-depth understanding of the technology, domains, mature processes and program management help Datamatics carry out detailed analyses and recommend the best alternatives.


Transoft   United Kingdom   United States

For over twenty years Transoft has been a leading provider of modernization solutions that enable organizations to increase business value and maintain competitive advantage by maximizing the potential of existing applications. This provides rapid return on investment, reduced costs, improved productivity and efficiency and the ability to manage operational risk.


matrix   Israel

matrix, which employs 4,300 IT professionals, is the leading information technology company in Israel. matrix executes some of the largest integration projects in Israel. matrix develops and markets software solutions and products, it provides infrastructure and consulting services, outsourcing agreements, offshore, training and deployment. It represents, and markets the world's leading software products. Among its customers matrix counts hundreds of the leading Israeli organizations and companies in the fields of industry, retail, banking and finances, telecom, defence, health, and the government/public sector.

matrix is traded on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange and is part of the TA100 and the Tel-Div 20 indexes. Research firms rank matrix as the leader of the technology market in Israel. STKI ranks matrix in first place for the 5th and IDC for the 3rd consecutive year.

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Read Microsoft Corp’s official case study of a VB6 conversion using VB Migration Partner.

Code Architects and its partners offers remote and onsite migration services.

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To learn more about your VB6 applications, run VB6 Analyzer on your source code and send us the generated text file. You will receive a detailed report about your VB6 applications and how VB Migration Partner can help you to quickly and effectively migrate it to .NET.

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