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VB Migration Partner supports all the features described in the manual and the knowledge base, including advanced code analysis and the characteristics that are essential in migrating large N-tiered VB6 applications, such as support for batch migration and source code control. The price depends on the amount of VB6 code to be converted and the number of additional user licenses.

The price includes a 6 month subscription period, during which you can submit your questions to VB Migration Partner’s technical support team and download new versions of VB Migration Partner, additional extenders, and anything that has been included in the main product after your purchase.

Regardless of the subscription period, VB Migration Partner customers will be allowed to download all future 1.xx releases of the support library, so that your investment in money and time is protected over the years.

Main Features
Max number of executable lines (1) unlimited
Number of pragmas (2) 83
Convert-test-fix methodology  Convert-test-fix video
All VB6 keywords and statement types (3)
All VB6 built-in and ActiveX controls (4)
VB6 project groups
Support for 3rd party ActiveX controls (5)
Code metrics reports
Code analysis and refactoring features (6)
Advanced support for UserControl classes
N-tier applications (7)
Support for source code control (8)
Batch conversions (9)
Number of user licenses 1
Additional user/site licenses Contact us
Virtual machine support (10) Contact us
Upgrades to all new versions of the support library when available (11)
Upgrades to new versions of the migration engine (subscription) (12) 6 months
Price (13) Contact us

Use our VB6 Bulk Analyzer utility to count the number of executable lines and to create a detailed report of your VB6 applications, the ActiveX controls and COM libraries it uses, and so forth.

If you have any question, if you need migration services or just advice from us, send an email.

Read the EULA.


(1) "Executable lines" are nonempty source code lines that aren't comments. Hidden lines at the top of .frm and .ctl files are included in the count. The actual upper limit may depend on available memory and other technical factors. (Our customers have successfully converted projects with over 1 million lines.)
(2) In the online manual, you can read a detailed description of every pragma.
(3) Undocumented VB6 methods (e.g. VarPtr, StrPtr, ObjPtr) and some methods that are tightly tied to the COM nature of VB6 apps aren’t supported.
(4) All the controls that are installed with VB6 are supported, except OLE Container and DataRepeater. A few other Microsoft controls are also supported, including WebBrowser, ScriptControl, and windowless (MSWLESS) controls.
(5) Using the AxWrapperGen command-line utility. Read this whitepaper to learn more about how to convert 3rd-party ActiveX controls.
(6) Unused members and unreachable code detection, unnecessary Class Terminate event handlers, cleanup of IDisposable objects, optional replacement of And/Or with AndAlso/OrElse, use of ByVal for parameters that unnecessarily use ByRef, support for orphaned delegate objects when calling Windows API methods.
(7) VB Migration Partner can handle N-tier (layered) applications made of hundreds multiple components, both at migration time and at runtime. It supports centralized .pragmas files that can be shared among multiple VB6 projects.
(8) Includes support for Microsoft Team System.
(9) VB Migration Partner includes a command-line tool that can automate the migration of large applications consisting in multiple projects and that can generate a single report XML file that can be easily parsed for warnings and errors.
(10) Support for execution inside Virtual Machines is provided only with the unlimited site license. Contact us for details.
(11) Registered users have lifetime access to all 1.xx versions of the support library that work with current versions of Microsoft Windows, Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012, and .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5. Future versions of the support library with support for new versions of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio, or Microsoft .NET Framework might be available for a fee.
(12) During the subscription period you can submit your questions to VB Migration Partner’s technical support team and freely download new versions of VB Migration Partner, including any add-ons and ActiveX wrappers that Code Architects includes in new versions.
(13) The price depends on the total amount of VB6 code to be converted, the number of purchased user licenses, and the duration of the subscription period.

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Read Microsoft Corp’s official case study of a VB6 conversion using VB Migration Partner.

Code Architects and its partners offers remote and onsite migration services.

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To learn more about your VB6 applications, run VB6 Analyzer on your source code and send us the generated text file. You will receive a detailed report about your VB6 applications and how VB Migration Partner can help you to quickly and effectively migrate it to .NET.

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