This section describes the differences between VB6 and .NET controls and the problems you can find in migrating VB6 applications with user-interface. The differences that are common to most controls are described in the Controls (general) section.

For a list of differences between VB6 and VB.NET language, see here.

Unless otherwise stated, VB Migration Partner fully supports all the Visual Basic 6 features mentioned in this page. It is worth noticing that names of properties and methods are preserved, which ensures that those even late-bound references work correctly after the migration to VB.NET. For more information, please read the manual and the knowledge base section.

DriveListBox control

Click event

The Click event in the VB.NET control doesn’t fire when a new element is selected via code or by using the keyboard. The actual .NET counterpart of this event is the SelectedIndexChanged event.

Scroll event

The Scroll event isn’t supported under .NET and it can only be approximated by trapping the SelectedIndexChanged event and by subclassing the window that is created when the dropdown list appears.

VB Migration Partner fully supports this event.

TopIndex property

The VB.NET DriveListBox control doesn’t support the TopIndex property. You can read and modify the index of the topmost element by sending a CB_GETTOPINDEX and CB_SETTOPINDEX message to the control using the DefWndProc protected method.

VB Migration Partner fully supports this property. No manual edits of the migrated code are needed.