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[PRB] Conversion fails with an "Unable to find ResToResx.exe tool" error

VB Migration Partner uses the ResToResx.exe tool behind the scenes to convert VB6 resource files to .NET resource files. This tool is part of the .NET Framework and is installed in the \VB\VBUpgrade folder under Visual Studio’s main directory, e.g. C:\Program Files\Visual Studio 8\VB\VBUpgrade for Visual Studio 2005 or C:\Program Files\Visual Studio 9.0\VB\VBUpgrade for Visual Studio 2008.

If a convertion process fails with the “Unable to find ResToResx.exe tool” error, you should double check that the executable file exists and is stored in the intended location. If the file doesn’t exist, you’ll probably need to reinstall Visual Studio. If the file exists but is in a different location, you should move it to the …\VB\VBUpgrade folder (creating the folder if necessary).

If you want to run the ResToResx.exe tool from a different location, you can edit the VBMigrationPartner.exe.config file. Load this file in any text editor, find the ResToResx entry, and set the desired value, as in following example:

                <setting name="ResToResxPath" serializeAs="String">

This setting affects also the VBMP and AxWrapperGen command-line tools.


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