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[INFO] Using the VBMigrationPartner_Support module

VB Migration Partner comes with a VB6 module that contains several methods that you can call from inside your VB6 applications to better prepare them to the migration process. These VB6 methods are usually do-nothing methods that don’t alter the application behavior in any way. Before you can use these methods you must include the VBMigrationPartner_Support.bas module into your VB6 project.

The module includes an ExcludeCurrentFile pragma, therefore it is never included in the migrated .NET application and that all calls to methods in the original VB6 module are served by methods with same name exposed by CodeArchitects.VBLibrary.dll.

The VBMigrationPartner_Support module contains several methods that let you avoid compilation errors or runtime exceptions that are caused by late binding and, more in general, by VB Migration Partner’s inability to detect the actual type of a variable or property. For example, the DoubleToDate6 and DateToDouble6 methods can be used to let the migration tool know that a Double value is being converted to Date (or vice versa), whereas ByteArrayToString6 and StringToByteArray6 methods take care of conversions between strings and Byte arrays.

When converting to C#, references to methods in VBMigrationPartner_Support module are translated to methods in the VB6Helpers class.


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