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[HOWTO] Enforce project-level Option Strict Off setting in VB.NET programs

Note: this article only applies to conversions to VB.NET

By default, VB Migration Partner generates one Option Strict Off statement at the top of each converted source file, while leaving the project-level Option Strict setting equal to On. This behavior allows you to later add new files to the project and have them automatically inherit the project-level Option Strict setting. In general, in fact, all new modules and classes should be created assuming that Option Strict is off.

You can change this default behavior by means of a couple pragmas:

        '## project:PostProcess "Option Strict Off.+\n", ""
        '## project:PostProcess "(?<xml><Platform Condition.+)</PropertyGroup>",
            "${xml}<Option Strict>Off</OptionStrict></PropertyGroup>", True, True

The first pragma deletes the Option Strict Off statement created at the top of all source files; the second pragma ensures that the Option Strict setting is enforced at the project level.

If you want to easily use these pragmas in multiple projects, store them in a VBMigrationPartner.pragmas file and copy the file to the folders where these projects resides.


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