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[HOWTO] Limit the scope of PreProcess and PostProcess pragmas

Note: this article only applies to conversions to VB.NET

You can use a fifth (optional) argument for the PreProcess and PostProcess pragmas. If specified, this argument specifies which code regions the pragma must be applied to. This features adds greater precision and a lot of flexibility to these already powerful pragmas.

For example, let’s suppose that you have a Sub method named DoSomething and two Function methods named GetSomething and TestSomething. These three methods contain a local variable named “i” and you want to make the VB.NET code more readable by renaming this variable as “index”. You can achieve this by means of a single PostProcess pragma:

     '## PostProcess "\bi\b", "index", True, False, _
         "(Sub DoSomething\b.+?End Sub|Function (GetSomething|TestSomething)\b.+?End Function)"

Unfortunately, this approach doesn't work well when converting to C#, because C# methods are closed by a generic curly brace rather than a more descriptive End Sub or End Function keyword.


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