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[INFO] The End keyword is converted as ApplicationExit6

Even if VB.NET supports the End keyword, VB Migration Partner translates this VB6 keyword as follows:

        ApplicationExit6() : End

The effect is virtually the same, except that the ApplicationExit6 method – which is basically a wrapper around the Application.Exit method -  performs an orderly exit, disposes of objects, etc. and is therefore to be preferred to a brutal End keyword.

In addition to calling the “native” Application.Exit method, the ApplicationExit6 method disables all form events – most notably the QueryUnload and Unload events – and therefore mimics the original VB6 End keyword more closely.

Notice, however, that the VB.NET End keyword still causes the Form’s Terminate event to be fired, therefore the equivalence with the original VB6 code isn’t perfect.


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