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[PRB] PictureBox, Frame and other container controls don’t correctly process the Tab key if TabStop=False

If the VB6 application uses a PictureBox or a Frame control as a container for other control and the container’s TabStop property is False, you might observe either of the following problems in how the Tab key is processed:

  1. if the input focus is on a control outside the container, pressing the Tab key never brings the focus to a control inside the containere
  2. if the last control (in TabIndex order) inside the container has the input focus, pressing the Tab key has no effect

This problem is caused by the way in which the .NET Framework deals with container controls and shouldn’t be considered as a VB Migration Partner’s bug.

The only way workaround for this problem is setting the container control’s TabStop property to True. The easiest way to do so is using a WriteProperty pragma:

        '## REM change the TabStop property of the picContainer PictureBox control
        '## picContainer.WriteProperty TabStop, True

A similar problem can occur with other container controls.


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