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[PRB] “Classic” (VB3-style) drag-and-drop stops working

If your migrated app uses VB3-style drag-and-drop, in some rare cases this feature might not work properly if you have concluded a previous drag-and-drop operation in an “irregular” way.

In such cases, VB Migration Partner’s support library fails to realize that the drag-and-drop operation is concluded and prevents you from attempting a new one.

For this reason, VB Migration Partner version 1.33 and later versions supports the special VB6Utils.StopDragDrop method, which you can use to manually signal that a drag-and-drop operation has concluded. If necessary, you typically do this on entry to the DragDrop event handler:

        Private Sub Picture2_DragDrop(Source As Control, X As Single, Y As Single)
            '## InsertStatement VB6Utils.StopDragDrop()
        End Sub


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