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[HOWTO] Check an item of a ListBox with Style=CheckBoxes with a single mouse click

There is a minor behavioral difference between a VB6 ListBox with Style property set to CheckBoxes and the VB6CheckedListBox control, which VB Migration Partner uses during the migration:

  • Under VB6, the user can check or uncheck an item by clicking on the checkbox icon to the left of each item; this single clicks automatically selects the ListBox item, if it wasn’t the currently selected item
  • Under VB.NET, two distinct clicks are necessary to check or uncheck an item that isn’t the selected item: the first click is necessary to select the item, and the second click (right on the checkbox) is needed to check or uncheck it.

You can better approximate the VB6 behavior by setting the CheckOnClick property of the VB6CheckedListBox control to True, for example by means of a WriteProperty pragma:

            '## ListBox1.WriteProperty CheckOnClick, True

However, it should be noted that this property doesn’t exactkt implement the VB6 behavior, because if the CheckOnClick property is true, a click anywhere on the ListBox item checks or unchecks the item. (Under VB6 the item is checked or unchecked only by clicking right on the checkbox.)


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