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[INFO] How to migrate the PictureDn, PictureUp, and PictureDisabled properties of SSCommand and SSRibbon controls

VB Migration Partner supports the SSCommand and SSRibbon controls in Sheridan’s ActiveThreeD (now Infragistics), but not all their properties are supported. Most notably, the Picture property is correctly converted but the PictureDn, PictureUp and PictureDisabled properties are not.

While you can’t easily implement the missing properties, it is possible to decide whether one of these properties should be converted as the standard Picture property.

For example, let’s say that the VB6 project contains an SSRibbon control named MainRibbon for which all four Picture* properties are defined. You can’t convert all of them to .NET, so you have to decide which of them becomes the image assigned to the Picture property. If you opt for the PictureDn property you can use the following pragma:

'##  PreProcess PictureDn, Picture, True, True, "\bBegin Threed\.SSRibbon  MainRibbon\b.*?\bEnd\b"

(Notice that this pragma assumes that MainRibbon is not an array of controls.)

If you want to apply this transformations to all SSRibbon controls in your code, you can use this pragma:

'##  PreProcess PictureUp, Picture, True, True, "\bBegin  Threed\.SSRibbon\b.*?\bEnd\b"


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