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[PRB] Compatibility problems with MS Build

We have found that in some circumstances the VBMP.EXE executable – that is, the command-line version of VB Migration Partner – doesn’t work well when running inside an MS Build script.


More precisely, we have ascertained that if running VBMP.EXE on a VB6 project that references a COM type library that was exported from a .NET DLL, then the migration ends with the following error:

"TlbImp : error TI0000: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException - Type library '' was exported from a CLR assembly and cannot be re-imported as a CLR assembly.”

The same operation works flawlessly when VBMP.EXE runs from the command prompt.

We have seen a couple other cases when VBMP.EXE doesn’t work well inside an MS Build script, but were unable to identify the actual cause.

While we are investigating this problem, at this time we can’t offer a solution for it. The only know workaround is to run VBMP.EXE from inside a standard batch file rather than an MS Build script.


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