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[HOWTO] Use controls from VB Migration Partner’s support library on a standard .NET form

Starting with version 1.34 it is possible to drop a control from the VB Migration Partner library – e.g. VB6TextBox or VB6ListBox – on a standard .NET form, that is a form that inherits directly from the System.Windows.Forms.Form class.

Such new capability, however, isn’t officially supported and we recommend that you adopt it only if strictly necessary. More specifically, not all the features of the original VB6xxxx class are supported, for example data binding and graphic methods.

If you are aware of this limitations and still proceed with using one of the VB Migration Partner controls on a standard .NET form, the Code Architects support team will help you in solving issues that should arise, however we can’t guarantee that all these issues can be successfully solved.

An important warning: If you are dropping a VB Migration Partner control on the startup form of your application, it is mandatory that you initialize the support library before the control is used and the form is instantiated. This is achieved by adding a call to the InitializeLibrary method from inside the form’s static constructor:

        Shared Sub New()
        End Sub


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