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[HOWTO] Leverage .NET TextAlign property with command, checkbox, and option button controls

By default, the VB6 Command, CheckBox and OptionButton controls offer limited control on how the text can be aligned. On the other hand, the corresponding .NET controls expose the TextAlign property, which allows you to precisely define where the text is displayed (top, middle, bottom, left, center, right, and all possible combinations of these values).

By default, the controls that come with VB Migration Partner perfectly mimic the VB6 behavior, which means that – apparently – you can’t take advantage of the more flexible options that are available under .NET Framework.

Starting with version 1.34, the VB6Command, VB6CheckBox and VB6OptionButton controls (as well as their windoless counterparts: VB6WLCommand, VB6WLCheck, and VB6WLOption) expose a new property, named UseTextAlignment.

You can set this property to True in the Properties window to override the default behavior of these control, and then set the TextAlign property to move the control’s Text exactly where you want it to appear.


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