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[BUG] #IF statement that use compiler constants starting with “vb”

A bug in current version of VB Migration Partner prevents the correct migration of #IF and #ELSEIF directives that use compiler constants whose name start with “vb”, as in this code:


#If vbExplorer Or vbElev Or vbFab Or vbInterface Then
     Public GrsElevationDetails As ADODB.Recordset 
#End If

The only available workaround is using a PreProcess pragma that modifies these names before the migration together with a PostProcess pragma that restores the correct names;

'## PreProcess "\bvb(?<name>Explorer|Elev|Fab|Interface)\b, "${name}VB"  
'## PostProcess "\b(?<name>Explorer|Elev|Fab|Interface)VB\b", "vb${name}"


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