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[PRB] The UpDown control can affect the wrong property of its buddy control

As of this writing we haven’t found a reliable way to decode the value of the UpDown control’s BuddyProperty property stored in .frm files, therefore in some cases VB Migration Partner might migrate this property incorrectly.

As a reasonable guess, by default the BuddyProperty property points to default property of its buddy control, for example the Text property of a VB6TextBox control or the Caption property of a VB6Label control. In most cases, this guess is correct and no extra step is needed.

If the guess is wrong – that is, the BuddyProperty should reference a nondefault property – you can remedy by inserting a WriteProperty pragma in the form being migrated:

        ' set the BuddyProperty point to the buddy's Value property
        '## UpDown1.WriteProperty BuddyProperty, "Value"


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