Less than three years after its debut, VB Migration Partner is such a mature and complete product that it's hard to add new features. For this reason, the new version comes as many as five months after the 1.32 version and can be considered as nothing more than a "maintainance build".

Among the few noteworthy new features is the AddAttribute pragma, which allows you to associate a .NET attribute with a program element (a class, a method, a variable, etc.). This attribute is especially useful to specify MarshalAs attributes for the elements of a Type structure in a way that is compliant with the convert-test-fix methodology, so that you don't have to manually modify the generated .NET code and can safely re-migrate the same piece of code over and over. (In previous versions, adding an attribute required some wizardry with the PostProcess pragma).

We have also fixed about 40 minor bugs, thus VB Migration Partner is more robust than ever. The complete list of additions and bug fixes can be found in the VERSION HISTORY.TXT file.

As usual, registered users will be notified of the new version (and will be brought to the download page) the next time they launch the software.