[EVENT] Forthcoming webcast on VB6 migration to VB.NET and C#

clock June 12, 2012 18:02

On Tuesday, June 19 at 10.00 am Pacific Time I will give an MSDN Webcast entitled Proven Methodologies and Tools for Migrations from Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic .NET or Visual C#

In spite of the long and complex title, it's a Level 200 webcast, so it is suitable even for those who never had to migrate their VB6 code to .NET (lucky guys! Laughing).

In 60 minutes I will show some useful insights in how to migrate VB6 to either VB.NET and C# with the best results and will descrive our convert-test-fix methodology, which is enabling many developers all over the world to convert their evolving VB6 codebase and still be able to generate a VB.NET or C# code that is synched with the most recent version of the VB6 code. (By comparison, our competitors force you to freeze the development on the VB6 side during the weeks or months while the migration takes place.) I will also show the ADOLibrary in action and how you can solve most of your ADODB-to.ADO-NET headaches with it.

You can attend the event and ask your question by visiting this page. See you online.



Lecture on VB6 migration at MS Wester Europe ALM Partner Summit, Madrid

clock October 5, 2011 15:07

Next Tuesday (Oct 11) I am giving a speech at the Microsoft Western Europe ALM Partner Summit, Madrid. The topic is of course VB6-to-.NET migration and the title of the session is VB6-to--NET Migration:Myths, Truths, and Real-World Experiences.

If you are there, please pass by and say hi.


WE DID IT ! VB6 migration session at TechEd 2010 Europe

clock November 6, 2010 15:01

In my previous post I asked you to vote for my VB6-to-.NET Migration: Myths, Truths, and Real-World Experiences session at TechEd 2010 Berlin, so today I am very happy (and grateful) to announce that the session has been accepted. I will be speaking on Tuesday 9 November, 1.20 pm, in Hall 3.2 Interactive 6. Here's the session's abstract:

Microsoft official support for VB6 has expired in March 2009 yet there are many billions lines of VB6 code waiting to be converted to VB.NET. Many companies have postponed this step but it’s now time to take a decision. Should they convert their code with the help of a tool or rewrite everything from scratch? What about converting to a language other than VB.NET? In this informal talk we will discuss all the available options and talk about some real-world migrations.

Thanks to all of you who voted my session. If you attend TechEd, I hope to see you there!

Vote for a VB6 migration session at TechEd Europe 2010

clock October 14, 2010 16:45

I submitted a BoF session at TechEd Europe 2010, entitled "VB6-to-.NET Migration: Myths, Truths, and Real-World Experiences".

There is a poll on these Birds-of-Feathers sessions, and only the ones that get most votes will be accepted.

Regardless of whether you attend TechEd, you can help by voting for my session. In addition to having me speak at TechEd, a lot of votes on this session will hopefully convince Microsoft that VB6-to-.NET migration is a hot topic and that they should invest more in that direction.

Basta! 2010 slides available

clock September 27, 2010 15:45

We just uploaded the two slide packs of my session at Basta! 2010 in Frankfurt, Germany.

VB6 to .NET Migration: Myth, Truth, and Real-World Experiences

VB6 to .NET Migration: Tips, Traps, and Techniques

Happy reading!

Speaking at Basta! conference in Frankfurt

clock September 9, 2010 19:48

I am very pleased to be invited to the Basta! 2010 conference in Mainz, Frankfurt. This is the most important developers' conference in Germany and among the top events in Europe.

I have a couple sessions, both of which centered on VB6-to-.NET migration:

Sept 22: VB6-to-NET Migration: Myth, Truth, and Real-World Experiences

Sept 23: VB6-Migration: Tips, Traps and Tactics

If you are attending, stop by and say hi!


My speech at Microsoft Western Europe Partners Summit

clock November 4, 2009 05:16

Yesterday I spoke at Microsoft Western Europe Inner Circle Partners Summit with a session of - you guessed it right! - Code Architects' VB Migration Partner. The conference was held in Rome and we could watch many interesting sessions from Microsoft people and other MS partners.

It was a short but dense, not very technical, presentation that focused on business opportunities for Microsoft Partners who will to operate in this narrow but growing market niche.

We got in touch with many companies located in Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, and other countries. We hope to establish a partnership with these companies very soon, which means that all our European nations will have the opportunity to work with a qualified partner for all their migration needs.

Welcome Infortech, our Japanese partner!

clock January 22, 2009 03:02

I am very excited to announce that we just closed an agreement with Infortech, a large and important Japanese vendor, with subsidiaries in China and Malaysia too.

Infortech is translating VB Migration Partner's documentation and will provide presale and tech support to our Japanese and Far East customers.

Added On Jan 23rd: the interest for VB6 migration in Japan must be really high, considering that several technical sites (this, this, this and this) have rethrown the news soon after the announcement. Wow!

Fun in Las Vegas (... and lots of migration tricks)

clock October 3, 2008 02:37

What: a 75-minute session about VB6-to-VB.NET migration tips, tricks, and techniques... by yours truly

When:Tuesday, October 14, at 11 am

Where: Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas


Learn about VB6 Migration at VSLive! New York

clock September 2, 2008 10:57

On Wednesday, September 10, 1:45 p.m. I'll speak at VSLive! New York and give a session entitled "Tricks, Traps, and Techniques in Migrating VB6 Applications to .NET" . Here's the session abstract:

Six years after Microsoft launched the .NET Framework there are just too many VB6 business applications waiting to be ported to the .NET world. Given the limitations of the Upgrade Wizard, not surprisingly many software shops decided to go through the long and costly process of rewriting their applications from scratch or – much more frequently – just to stay with VB6. Unfortunately, some 3rd party ActiveX controls don’t work well under Microsoft Vista and Microsoft has officially discontinued tech support for VB6 in March 2008. This has made upgrading to .NET the only option for VB6 legacy apps.

In this session we’ll briefly list the most important issues you have to face when migrating your VB6 code to VB.NET and how you can solve them. We’ll briefly cover all the most evident differences between the two languages – data types, arrays, structures, error handling, and so forth – and then dig under the surface to reveal many undocumented details, for example how string immutability and orphaned delegates can make your converted VB.NET code fail. We will also illustrate many examples of how you can use a support library to shorten the distance between VB6 and VB.NET and reduce the time you spend testing the converted code, how to work with arrays with non-zero lower bound, how to simulate control arrays, how to use regexes to fix common problems in the migration process, and much more. Attendees will receive the source code of a support library that implements all the techniques discussed in the session (a trimmed down version of a commercial support library used in real-world migration projects).

if you happen to be attending VSLive!, you're welcome...