Code Architects partners with Ianiri Informatica

clock August 19, 2013 20:27

Code Architects has recently acquired 50% of Ianiri Informatica, an Italian software house that was founded n 1982 and that is known as the makers of GIPO, the leading software for small clinics, day hospitals and physioterapy centers.

Code Architects and Ianiri Informatica will work together to deliver the next generation of GIPO software, codenamed GIPO Sky, that will be entirely Cloud-based and use HTML5 for a modern and functional user 

At the same time, Ianiri Informatica's expertise in areas such as HTML5 and scripting languages will be used by Code Architects in building the next generation of VB6 migration software and application modernization tools. 

More details will follow... STAY TUNED !

Lecture on VB6 migration at MS Wester Europe ALM Partner Summit, Madrid

clock October 5, 2011 15:07

Next Tuesday (Oct 11) I am giving a speech at the Microsoft Western Europe ALM Partner Summit, Madrid. The topic is of course VB6-to-.NET migration and the title of the session is VB6-to--NET Migration:Myths, Truths, and Real-World Experiences.

If you are there, please pass by and say hi.


How to convert 11,000 lines in a few minutes!

clock February 14, 2011 11:11

Transoft is a large, UK-based system integrator with branches in the US. Last year Transoft became Code Architects' partner for migration services. Last week I asked Transoft's Fiona Oliver why they opted for using VB Migration Partner rather than other migration tools. Here's her answer:

I used VB Migration Partner to convert a small program (11K executable lines) that enables connections to multiple ODBC data sources in separate windows, allows entry and execution of SQL statements, and displays the results. It also allows for metadata export and import to local files. It compiled with no errors and ran with a single pragma to insert a single line of code. In comparison the Visual Studio Upgrade Wizard produced code with over 102 compilation errors. I was very impressed!

This comment makes it evident the huge gap between VB Migration Partner and other "traditional" converters such as Upgrade Wizard and other VB6 converters that are based on the same translation engine.

If you are curious of how VB Migration Partner can help you in your migration efforts, you just need to download our VB6 Bulk Analyzer, run it against your VB6 project, and send us the report.

Software modernization company Transoft chooses VB Migration Partner

clock October 14, 2009 01:46

Transoft is a UK company that has a long tradition in software modernization. They offer both tools and services to migrate and modernize legacy apps written in Visual Basic, OpenVMS, IBM AS400, HP e3000, ICL VME, and others. They offer their products and services to both Europe and US and have an impressive list of achievements and customers of the caliber of DaimlerChrysler, DowChemical, and L'Oreal. 

Transoft is part of IRIS, a leading software company with over 1,000 employees worldwide. IRIS is the largest UK privately owned specialist software business with an exceptional reputation for delivering market leading solutions to more than 60,000 organizations, ranging from the micro to the multinational business and including major charities and membership organizations.

For all these reasons that we are VERY proud that, when looking for a software capable to automate most phases of the migration from VB6 and reduce migration time and cost, Transoft choosed Code Architects' VB Migration Partner over other similar and less powerful tools available on the market. 

If you are a US or UK company looking for a fast, cost-effective way to migrate and modernize your VB6 code, or just need support for your work with VB Migration Partner, you can contact Transoft or another of our partners that operate in your area.

[PRESS RELEASE] VB Migration Partner goes to India, too!

clock July 31, 2009 10:42

S7 Software has signed a non-exclusive reseller agreement with Code-Architects, Italy that will enable S7 Software to distribute Code Architects’  VB Migration Partner.  This agreement will enable customers in APAC and North America to migrate VB applications to .NET in less time and with significantly fewer compilation and runtime errors than those produced by other conversion tools.

S7 Software is a Bangalore; India based company with offices in US specializing in VB migration. Having successfully migrated VB applications to .NET for customers in Retail, Manufacturing, ISVs…, S7 was mentioned by Forrester Research in their report “Keys to Successful VB Migration” (Jeffrey S Hammond, March 2007).

“Our goal is to provide a one-stop solution to all our VB customers in Americas and APAC” said Manjunath M Gowda, CEO, S7 Software “This reseller agreement to distribute VB Migration Partner will help us offer our customers an innovative software that converts VB application to .NET with highest accuracy. Combining the tool with our existing VB migration expertise makes S7 Software a safe option for companies thinking of migrating their VB application to .NET”.

Read the entire press release here and find more information about our partners.

SIS is new Code Architects' partner !

clock June 26, 2009 08:20

SIS is a Microsoft Certified Partner who has used VB Migration Partner to successfully migrate VB6 apps, including a large legacy application counting. (You can read the entire story here.)

In these months they have gained an impressive knowledge of both our software and of migration issues in general, and we are now proud to announce that SIS and Code Architects have signed a partnership agreement, according to which SIS will offer both VB Migration Partner and custom migration services.

That's good news for companies based in Austria and Germany and wishing to convert their VB6 code to VB.NET!

More links  (in German):

Welcome Infortech, our Japanese partner!

clock January 22, 2009 03:02

I am very excited to announce that we just closed an agreement with Infortech, a large and important Japanese vendor, with subsidiaries in China and Malaysia too.

Infortech is translating VB Migration Partner's documentation and will provide presale and tech support to our Japanese and Far East customers.

Added On Jan 23rd: the interest for VB6 migration in Japan must be really high, considering that several technical sites (this, this, this and this) have rethrown the news soon after the announcement. Wow!